Some of “Marketa’s” Gobbeldygook on Sidney Crosby

I love the shoes, but I can’t afford YSL caged shoes. Only from Matalan. Changing Marketa in arranged matchmaking with Sidney Crosby. I’d like to see how it happened. I remember she said she was dating a lawyer, but she didn’t name him. Maybe for security reason when he works as a judge.

Marketa started her way to ice hockey world and typical football girl with football cousin in Olomouc and Ostrava by some accident at disco club in Zlin, where she kicked off four ice hockey players. Zlin started rivalty with her HC Slavia later on. The boys were Petr Cajanek, Jiri Marusak, Ondrej Vesely and Ivan Rachunek. It was Ivan Rachunek, who was speaking with her and forcing her to the cab and she said no and something about player with number 10 on his jersey. This number was taken by footballer Milan Baros later on. Rachunek’s brother married a swimmer as well as Petr Cajanek’s sister was apparently a swimmer. Petr Cajanek conceived a son in March, when Marketa was supposed to be married and rode on vintage fire engine [copycat Sidney Crosby used it in Halifax parade with Stanley Cup, while his buddie Maxime Talbot was in a cabriolet]. Petr Cajanek’s son has the name Marek like Marketa’s cuty nephew. Linden is supposed to be interested as teen girl and budding model in Ondrej Vesely. I think she took the interest in hip hop from his influence. Vesely looks very similar to Papadopulos and Crosby and Marketa’s father – curly black hair, big nose. She dates two footballers. One is a blonde,the second one was Michal Papadopulos between 2004 – 2005.He played for FC Arsenal in reserve team, living in Enfield, London. Jaromir Jagr took the stage in Czech tabloid gossip mill, when some ice hockey player pointed a finger on beautiful blonde model, who was in management HC Slavia Prague. Jagr expects, she would be served on the tray and he would be able to steal her from Papadopulos. The hunt of Czech tabloid press begun, when they split up teams of journos between Jagr’s summer camp when he watched football finale match between Czechia – Greece and in Ostrava with Papadopulos family. Michal Papadopulos moved to another sport bar.

It boosts her name in bad way in Czech tabloids but it prepared her for next big step. She was started by ice hockey players of Zlin some years after the night club story with Ivan Rachunek and the cab. Well,she doesn’t look like a good company for Prince Charles’s Aston Martin with two chicks. So Marketa B. Linden W. is already known as platonic idol between footballers, dating only 2, some manager for shoes company called Martin and her British BF called Toby and Italian boy by name Federico. She comes from Brno and Junior World Championship was in Brno and Bratislava, with some small town called Breclav, where her aunt – godmother Helena lives in. It was August 2003. She’s big hit in small town called Zlin as new chick with pretty face, followed by rumours how she fired out some ice hockey lothario. Some footballer called Jiri Koubsky jumps around her. Ice hockey players of HC Zlin came to swimming pool for ogling her. She’s in 2003 in Prague and in HC Slavia, because her father had an accident on the bike, hit by the car. She runs the management, but her image as super cutie and only woman in testosteron ice hockey world is known without Jagr.
Is it possible, while Sidney Crosby dated as swimmer in Rimourski according some his biography, he heard about Marketa in Czechia during Junior Wolrd Championship? He was only 16 years old between 2 years older boys. What do boys speak about in routine of matches, practices. She wrote on Crosby’s board, he was quite historical barbar, when they ignored some historical monuments in Brno and finished in local McDonald for fast food and a purchase Maxim magazine. Is it possible, sporty oriented, big eyed teenage Sidney Crosby was swimming and curious about talks linked with beautiful young blonde called Marketa in Brno? She was 25 years old, she looks 23 or like that right now, when she will be 32 in July. The girl had body hugging swimsuit, he dated some swimmer in Rimourski in his 17 years of age. He met here Czech player Hrdel. The boy has stayed for two years locked in Quebeck, but Marketa started dating Michal Papadopulos, who is 7 years younger than she is and he’s quite similar looking with young Crosby. Was it hope for dreamer like Sidney Crosby? Curly black hair, bigger nose, younger boy. Jagr stepped on the stage in the spring 2005, without success and it was pressure on Marketa’s relationship. Jagr started dating only blondes from this period. Young Sidney Crosby is drafted in summer 2005 as number 1. Is it possible he could choose like a supertalent his future club like Jagr’s Pittsburgh, when an owner Lemieux came from Quebeck? NHL had some break that year, Jagr was in Czechia, Linden was still with Papadopulos. The boy called Sid the Kid changed his short haircut into fusion between Jagr’s mullet and Michal’s longer curly hair. Linden was fighting in 2005 with rumours about her and Milan Baros. He denies it, but Michal Papadopulos had a moaning mood and Linden apparently forced him to tell her if he showed her photograph to Baros. Apparently Baros had short haircut but grew the long hair like Michal for EURO 2004, when he scored five goals. She requested a help from his ex Eva Kilianova who’s a model living in Spain and having our tennis players Murray on her FB. She has a boob job and very muscular arms, nothing like toned arms of our Marketa. Eva helps her to contact Baros, who denied it. Linden mentioned long hair and Eva Kilianova probably recognised they split up for some his fling, but Baros was interested in that time in Linden, who was together with Papadopulos. Etc. I only repeat the fact, Papadopulos and Ashley Cole were living in Enfield, London, Sidney Crosby purchased his big house on the lake in Enfield, Nova Scotia in 2005, when he was in NHL. It’s quite far from Cole Harbour.
Marketa Linden moved in January 2006 for permanent residence to Milan, Italy. She landed a job for radio station for covering Olympic ice hockey. She is rumoured to be next Vesper Lyndt in Casino Royale, but she loses for disapproval with nakes scenes. Marketa is big hit again between British footballers, probably also by Baros’s word of mouth and Cole’s memory of pretty and natural looking blonde chick. She attended Brit Awards in March 2006 when Frank Lampard mistaken her with Paris Hilton. Linden was chatting with Paul Bure in Torino and old Bure is apparently a swimmer. Prince Albert of Monaco turned to Czech pub for beer, maybe searching a bride with royal blood and swimming history, while his grandmother was a first swimming coach in Pensylvania. He dates another swimmer now. Sidney Crosby was rumoured to be moaning very loudly about his absence in Torino. Was it also for reason called Marketa? Linden was present in May 2006 in Riga for some dispute between coach Ruzicka with another man. She finished in Canadian dressing room, where she blushed from outlook on some half naked men and young Crosby in the towel leaving a shower. He had a lot of shower commercials:]] She returns to Czech republic and her father died. Crosby flew to Czechia visiting his Rimourski friend Hrdel. There’s no a proof, Marketa and Crosby met. Linden is dispached by British army to UK and she signed 2 years national service with round in navy, RAF etc. Penguins had military camp with riffles in 2006, he flew in Sea King [royal navy chopper] with Maxime Talbot and Stanley Cup in Cole Harbour, something similar like Marketa’s round military training – RAF, navy [he boarded on HMS], vehicles. Sidney Crosby met a women over 30 years of age from Florida during his summer vacation in Dominican republic. The hotel is called Imperial, he likes a vodka called Crown Jewels, also favourite of Hillary Clinton. He drives British countryside car Range Rover in silver shade. The woman is Audrey, with Czech surname Kostka -Cube. Marketa is a half Czech origin. Audrey posted her memo one year later on some chat board and Crosby’s GF forum exactly on the day of Marketa’s 30th birthday, on 12th of July 2008. Why? Maybe he spoke with her about Marketa. Linden finished her duty in armed forces in July 2008. She moves to USA, residence in NY [with country bolthole in Greenwich, CT]. She was on vacation with her Italian BF Federico in May 2008 on the yacht close to France and Italy. Sidney Crosby took a model with dark blonde hair called Kathy Leutner to submarine in Pittsburgh. It was same time, May 2008 and a snap of the couple at the bridge. Sidney Crosby probably started dating Kathy Leutner, but he claims on radio show, nothing special is present in his life. How rude. Kathy Leutner is with him during play off in Detroit as well as with him and his sister during Stanley Cup parade in Pittsburgh. I am not certain about parade in Halifax. The rumours about fake relationship between Marketa and Sidney Crosby appears in January 2010, a month before Olympics in Vancouver. Crosby is superb happy fella and he cuts his hair into better hairdo, his cheekbones are new thing, something like Marketa’s cheeks. Linden deletes all comments abour rumours here, claims on Czech blog she isn’t linked with Crosby. Czech and Slovakian ice hockey call for Canadian coach for national team as well as similar raising young children for Czech ice hockey. Rumours are bubbling in Czech ice hockey world from Sidney Crosby’s mouth, he plans having a baby with Marketa. Linden requested a silence about rumours in the letter sent to Sidney Crosby at the beginning of March 2010. Nothing happened, Marketa moves to GF forum seeking probably some his real GF, or she would be forced to the marriage. Crosby had apparently her private email, but he didn’t deny rumours or didn’t tell to public about his relationship with Kathy Leutner. Kathy Leutner celebrated apparently today her 1 month anniversary with some Zac Evans, but she knows British model called Harry Tucker. It means she isn’t probably linked with Crosby right now, but we don’t know when their relationship ended. Sidney Crosby has never contacted Marketa or her management or he didn’t deny rumours. It seems he made up them, going furious when she tweeted, she will not have a penguins with Crosby. Sidney Crosby hit a player from Detroit etc etc. I suppose he doesn’t know Marketa and she doesn’t care very much about her or rumours like he wanted to hide his relationship with Kathy Leutner, which is sad. Mainly for reason, he repeated things from Marketa’s life and a person can love two women at one time, mainly not a woman without knowing her, meeting her or trying to meet her. If he plans she would be taken for some arranged meeting like a dish served for big superstar, Sidney Crosby has to be funny cheeky chap. It speaks volumes about treating women by him. Something like good fuckbuddie kept under wrap, in his fantasy world and left in rumours without her knowledge, attacked by crazy teen and one dead threat. I don’t think he’s worthy of her, but I think he doesn’t care about her bad image and her person at all, because he would know her like someone from her FB keeping in touch or commenting about sticks like some Martin Rucinsky. I think one bad rumour is solved.I’d like to see more trendy wearable outfits here. Sorry for long, long post. Maybe I was wrong, but who keeps silent, is blamed for truth.
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You are Eternal Light journalist:]] The forum posted Kathy Leutner’s image with Sidney Crosby and his father putting Stanley Cup into car boot. Sidney Crosby is nice liar who hides his GF and makes from Marketa a slut, but stay on fashion topic. I’d run miles away dating with a man who will ignore me and hide me from public eyes. He lies. Nice character? Nope? Does he think he would bag Linden in this case by rumours? Nope. How? He didn’t know her, he didn’t contacted her as a friend. It boots maybe his ego and fame between hockey boys. I guess it will be deleted tommorow by admin.

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