Marketa Barborikova Linden’s real name is Lee….

“Marketa” posted an image of her email box during one of her “delusional” posts about hanging out with the rich and famous. She circled an invitation for a movie premiere because that is what she wanted people to see. What she did not realize is what else people would see. Note at the top left it is indicated that there are multiple sign-in names for the same account. Note that the first email is about his membership in the American Marketing Association. Note that their is an email being forwarded to him in regard to Sidney Crosby and it is addressed to “Lee”.

“Her” Facebook (2) is his “Marketa B. Linden W” profile but if you look under the names of those who sent messages from the alternate profile there is no “Marketa B. Linden W”. A horrific graphic sent to the woman who had her computer hacked was traced to Ian Oland of Visual Data Systems. Visual Data Systems specializes in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization offering Internet Consulting for “Unique problems” for which their technologies can be used. Does “Marketa” or rather “Lee” work for Visual Data Systems? The American Marketing Association will certainly know and the Federal Trade Commission can certainly find out.

“Marketa” realized her mistake too late so she invented an “assistant” named “Lee”. The picture she posted as being her assistant Lee is the picture of a famous Korean model named Kim Ahjoong. I have already explained that people who are delusional by way of mental illness do not actually set about altering documents and stealing pictures of real people to accommodate their delusions.

As an aside I have received a confirmation from Whiskers Solicitors and Notaries that the letter Randy Morin posted as haven been received from them was not issued by them nor do they represent anyone by the name of Marketa.

"Marketa's" name is Lee and he works for Visual Data Systems in Maryland

"Marketa's" name is Lee and they are a member of American Marketing Association

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