The keepers of Sidney Crosby’s secrets and how far they will go to keep them-far byond “Marketa’s” keyword stuffing

Just how far is Sidney Crosby’s public relations firm willing to go to hide his bad behaviour and secrets? We already know from “Marketa” that those secrets are not charming and hiding just who is Sidney Crosby’s girlfriend would appear to be the least of their problems.

I have been doing a lot of research on the whole issue of what public relations firms are doing on the Internet for their deep pocketed clients despite that Sidney Crosby’s team of Internet thugs have been out in full force trying to bully me out of telling the story. I have yet to determine who exactly these thugs are and I am now inclined to believe it to be the marketing team at the NHL headquarters in New York. Did you know the NHL headquarters has an entire department for Social Media Marketing? Neither did I. Whoever they are they sure have no compunction about the damage they have done to others in the defense of the image they have created of Sidney Crosby. An image we now all know is as much an act as the dives he takes to draw penalties.

I have actually learned a great deal about it all in the last few weeks and I am left shaking my head as to why the Federal Trade Commission has not intervened. There is an entire industry of “media monitoring” including “media monitoring” and “social media monitoring” software designed to “enhance your crisis communication plan”. They are collectively called Social Media Management Systems or abbreviated “SMMS” to the au courant and have names like CyberAlert, BuzzGain, BrandsEye, Trakur, BuzzLogic and Radian6 All of you can look this stuff up by inputting into your browser the very terms “media monitoring” and “crisis communication online”. You can read an industry article on it at the link at the bottom of this article.

So what does a public relations company do when they find negative communications that cause a crisis? If social media monitoring merely “enhances” the “communication crisis plan”; What exactly does a “communication crisis plan” entail? I will venture a guess and it probably should go without saying that if someone has something bad to say about your product or your celebrity part of the plan , putting it simply, is to shut them up as quickly as possible. How might you do that? If they are lying that is an easy one. Send a big law firm after them. What happens when the person is telling the truth? Any half-wit knows that in common law jurisdictions the truth is an absolute defense to slander and libel. So what does a public relations company do if say some girl on the Internet is making claims about Sidney Crosby and his behaviour when nobody is looking? How do you shut someone up when they have a Constitutionally enshrined right to speak and a legal right to make disclosures that, however embarrassing and revealing they may be, are the absolute truth?

Now here is a small syllogism that I hope whoever is reading this will get; if someone is doing something they have a legal right to do and you are intent on stopping them, hence depriving them of their right to do it, it stands to reason that your only course of action is therefore illegal.

Might it encompass Cyber Stalking and Cyber Bullying the likes of which we have seen on Randy Morin’s Talk-Sports board? What if the individual or individuals do not respond to these tactics? How far will they escalate their tactics to obtain their objectives of silencing a critic or someone disclosing secrets? Well we already know for a fact and at least one case in point they will break the law to keep Sidney Crosby’s reputation in tact. They will use Bot software, pose as teenagers on internet sites, exploit stereotypes of the mentally ill, gorilla market another woman with a similar name, drop malicious search engine and browser hijack cookies, hack computers and intimidate and attempt to terrorize middle-aged women and extort with cruelty and putting false information on the Internet. They are above nothing it would appear. If that image is worth enough money to somebody there is nothing that they won’t do even if it causes hardship to innocent complete strangers.

I would guess that also an integral of the “communication crisis plan” is to get rid of the evidence. There is an entire industry for that too and software. It is called Search Engine Optimization again abbreviated as “SEO” in industry specific jargon. The software have names like MajesticSEO, SEMRUSH and SEOMOZ for the in-house. Generally, however, and particularly the large public relations firms and corporate Social Media Marketing departments outsource this function. There are apparently white, gray and black hat SEO consultants. The “black hats” take a great deal of legal risk so they tend to cost a great deal and provide their services to those with significant resources. See links at end of article.

The basic tenants are to take your content and push it as far up the search engine as possible and link it to so many other sites that also get pushed far up the search engine that you obliterate whatever information is there. If you need a lesson in how search engines work you can go back to my first article and read. See link at end of article.

What happens when in the case of Sidney Crosby you do not have a Blog, fan board or Twitter account in your name? In this instance the SEO uses what are termed “Black Sites”. These are sites that have agreed to keep their content along the lines they dictate to them and in exchange they will push the site up the search engine. This is the role that, with little doubt, the Talk-sports Sidney Crosby Girlfriend web board serves. Randy Morin has made various claims to be in direct contact with “Sidney Crosby’s people” who “call him often”. I wonder who might have some vested economic interest in their being a “communication crisis” in the first place? Are the so called “Black Sites” above creating the crisis in the first place to have the most expensive resources push them up the search engine ranks and thereby increase their advertising revenue potential. What people will allow themselves to do for money has never ceased to amaze me.

In fact I am virtually certain that the NHL has agreements with various sports boards in this regard. The same people who hacked the computers of my source continue to try to extort her by way of claims all over the Internet that she is an “insane person with a conspiracy theory”. In light of all that I have learned and am now imparting to you; How likely is it that her story is true? I think it is. People who are critical thinkers and are knowledgeable about scholarly modern communication issues do not seem to think it an insane conspiracy theory. Most notably ethical public relations and marketing practitioners know it to be true.

Randy Morin who has now demonstrated, to at least the audience that has heard her story and knows it to be true, to be the rogue of all rogues, haven initially attempted to humiliate the woman with insults laden with her personal information on his web board, has now dedicated an entire web site and placed it in SEO software that makes various litigious claims about her and publishes fake posts and information in an contemptuous attempt to discredit her, not just on this issue but in all manner. He has been aided by Ian Oland and other sports web board owners who clearly have an economic interest in their relationship with the NHL’s Social Media Marketing department. How far will they go, indeed!

It is quite astounding how prolific the industry is. There are also public relations industry blogs that consult with lawyers on what exactly your “online crisis communication plan” can and cannot include from various legal perspectives. Most of it deals with the legislation overseen by the Federal Trade Commission. The law and the legal advice make pretty clear that posing as a teenage girl or a schizophrenic person in a social media forum when you are employed by or otherwise engaged to promote that very same company or registered trademark that is the topic of the discussion is prohibited.

None of the publicized legal advice even dares to go near the topics of the “black hat” methods of Bot software, gorilla marketing, web page, browser and search engine hijacking and hacking the computers of your detractors. Nonetheless, it would appear that Michael DiLorenzo, Director of Social Media Marketing and Strategy at National Hockey League (see LinkedIn link at end of article) has read none of those blogs or worse yet it would appear that he has not bothered himself with the trivialities of that which governs his actions the Federal Trade Commission legislation on Social Media Marketing. Since I already know they are well tapped into my little blog here I will post that for him and his department. See link at end of article.

Can I hope for some moral renewal? I doubt it. When you are the NHL you do not need to concern yourself with the law. You will pay the FTC fines on Sidney Crosby and you have enough money and the will to crush any individual who might try to hold you accountable for what nefarious deeds you do in the ordinary course of business. All in a days work they tell themselves.

I maintain that if whoever had initially used those words about Sidney Crosby, the same words that the ruse “Marketa Linden” has been using all over the Internet to garner search engine placing and push it out into oblivion, were not the absolute truth the NHL would have found some other way to make it go away other than engaging Black Hat SEO consultants and Cyber bullies. Whatever it is that was originally out there is true and ugly enough to be worth breaking the law to keep under wraps.

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