Sidney Crosby is an alcoholic who uses paid companions and assaulted his girlfriend…so says “Marketa Linden”

Don’t blame me, I did not say it. “Marketa Barborikova Linden Windsor” who owns a “Public Relations firm” said it. She just did not think that anyone who might care would read it. She sure is a whole lot saner when she is writing on the Internet in Czech don’t you think. Also read her whole blog from beginning to end not one single mention of Kathy Leutner. Not once! Pretty incredible considering that she appears to be completely obsessed with her everywhere else on the Internet like Talk-Sports, Twitter, her Piyoneer web pages etc. but not one single mention in her lengthy Czech blog posts.

The following is the translated excerpt and it is taken from blog for “Marketa Linden”. It should be noted at this point that the translations of all of ‘her’ Czech language blogs are lucid, comprehensive and intelligent as contrasted to her English language posts, particularly in regards to Sidney Crosby. In one exchange with other bloggers “Marketa” also demonstrates some very sophisticated computer skills in inserting a paragraph about herself into a Czech newspaper article.

The original Czech language post:

Obcas bouchnou veci na tzv. velmi vypulirovane celebrity, jako byl Mel Gibson, cela leta viden jako verny manzel a katolik:]] anebo Tiger Woods. Ted se ceka na skandal jmenem Sidney Crosby, ktery je znam v zakulisi jako pijan a podobny uzivatel eskortnich sluzeb. Jeho vyhoda je, ze nema podepsany smlouvy jako Woods a neni zenat, ale uzivani eskortnich sluzeb a videni zen jako vstup do jejich dolnich casti nepomuze jeho umelkovane vytvorenemu idolu deti a tvare NHL. Ono totiz vsechno se neda zamest pod koberec a vetsi sok prichazi, kdyz nekdo jako Mel Gibson se behem jednoho jeho zachytu policii, ozraly jak doga, projevi jako rasisticky hulvat atd. Spolecnost zase lepe odpousti nekomu jako je mlady a prasteny Patrick Kane, ktery je prdly a neschovava jeho spinavosti, nez nekomu, kdo se jevi jak Mr Right v nazehlenem obleku a je to treba domaci tyran. U prvniho typu si verejnost rekne:,No, toho jsme videli chlastat a nejakou zenskou drzel za zadek pri oslave Stanley Cupu. On je male decko a prdly. Z toho vyroste.’ Management ho posle na rehab, vysvetli situaci, reknou Pardon a poslou ho udelat tri charitativni akce a jednu pro alkoholiky, u vseho pozvana media, jak se kaje a drzi pusu. U toho druheho, zenske ho budou nesnaset, protoze zmlatil nebo psychicky napadl manzelku, takze to udela jinym zenam, navic byl falesny, co muze udelat detem….

Translated from Czech to English: Where brackets the word has been edited for adult content.

“Sometimes things will hit you from the so-called half a poached celebrities like Mel Gibson, for years seen as a faithful husband and a Catholic or Tiger Woods. Now we wait on the scandal with the name Sidney Crosby, who is known backstage as a (enthusiastic alcohol consumer) and a similar user of (companion services). His advantage is that he has not signed a contract as a Woods and is not married, but uses (companion services), and sees women as an input into their (deleted) will not help his image construed as created by the idol of the children and the shape of the NHL. Not everything can be swept under the carpet, and a bigger shock comes when someone like Mel Gibson during one of his captures by police, (inebriated) as a dog, proves to be a racist lout. Companies may be forgiving of someone as young and weird as Patrick Kane and hide the dirt than for someone like Crosby who appears as Mr. Right in a suit and ironed it but is really a homemade tyrant. The first type, the public says, ‘Well, we saw the (alcohol) and some woman he was holding in celebration of the Stanley Cup. He is a baby and immature. He will grow.’ Management will send him to rehab, explain the situation, they say I’m sorry and send him to do three charity events and one for alcoholics, inviting the media for everything, as he repents and keeps his mouth shut. In the second, woman will resent him because he beat up or physically attacked his mate.”

We can now safely assume that Sidney is not the Bay Boy he has been sold to us as. His own public relations firm tells us so. “Marketa” has just told us above that Sidney Crosby has issues with alcohol, pays for illegal companion services and is a tyrant that assaulted his girlfriend? If there is another interpretation of the above paragraph I am open to it.

Why have I assumed it to be the public relations firm of Sidney Crosby and not some malicious person with a vendetta against Crosby? In all of “Marketa’s” voluminous English language ranting on the Internet, she actually manages to say absolutely nothing about Sidney Crosby that anyone can sink their teeth into or that any person might, at a superficial glance, regard with any credibility. If this was someone whose intention was to actually harm the image of Sidney Crosby, surely they would have managed by now to put a few synthesized and lucid sentences together in the English language. They seem to do well enough in the Czech language. Should we believe they are just using a really bad translator?

“Marketa Linden” works for Sidney Crosby and like Sidney Crosby’s image, her efforts are a carefully designed ruse. A ruse meant to bury something else that had been put out on the Internet that Sidney Crosby, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the NHL do not want the public to know about Sidney Crosby.

You can find Marketa’s Czech blog with the paragraph at the following link.

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