Some interesting search engine stats on Sidney Crosby

Just for the hell of it I decided to put in some hard search terms with Sidney Crosby’s name. I explained earlier that how these Search Engine Optimizers and Internet Privacy Protectors work is by flooding the Internet with pages that have the same search terms as what it is they are trying to bury and then pushing their pages up the search engine ranks by paying Google, linking to each other and web page hijacking. Here are some interesting things though; make up your own mind.

+escorts +”Steven Stamkos” = 4,310 hits

+escorts +”Jonathan Toews” =14,000 hits

+escorts +”Sidney Crosby” =153,000 hits

Now we know for a fact that Jonathan Toews was arrested , watch this;

+arrested +”Jonathan Toews” =20,400 hits

+arrested +”Sidney Crosby” =613,000 hits

We also know for a fact that someone attempted to Jonathan Toews, watch this;

+lawsuit +”Jonathan Toews” = 95,400 hits

+lawsuit +”Sidney Crosby” = 349,000 hits

Tell me you do not believe that Sidney Crosby is a badder boy than even Jonathan Toews and that great efforts are being employed on the Internet to hide that fact.

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