Homeland Security Admits That It’s The Private Police Force Of The Entertainment Industry | Techdirt

It should be noted that the woman who was hacked had several spoofed emails sent to her from various people not the least of which being her own brother. The spoofed email from her brother was traced to Phoenix Global Intelligence. You can look them up for yourself but they perform work on the Internet for Homeland Security is tracing and hacking potential terrorists. One of the persons harassing the woman on Facebook was traced to Atos Origin. Atos Origin performs similar kind of service for the government of Great Britain. Both of these companies advertise that they also sell their services to corporations and individuals. They do not say it because it goes without saying that those companies and individuals would have to have the resources to engage them. Several threatening and cruel messages came subsequent to the spoofs. They appeared as Facebook notifications but after opening them they would magically disappear. The contents of those messages were always; “Now don’t you agree that Sidney Crosby is entitled to his privacy” and “Not everything that is said about Sidney Crosby on the Internet is true either.”Homeland Security Admits That It’s The Private Police Force Of The Entertainment Industry | Techdirt.

Now why would the NHL, the Pittsburgh Penguins or Sidney Crosby himself need to employ such drastic measures to rid the Internet of things said about Sidney Crosby if they were not both scandalous and very true. With the extent of the resources Sidney Crosby and the NHL have if they had not been true they simply would have traced them and used legal methods to have the information removed. I am certain that would have been both cheaper and more civilized than what they are doing. It would only have to be that they cannot have it removed as whatever is being said is the unmitigated truth.

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