Sidney Crosby Acquired Situational Narcissist-Somatic Type

Could Marketa be telling us the truth about Sidney Crosby and what he is really like. This contingent knows that he employs services to hide leaks of what he is doing in the world. Would he need to do that if he were the nice boy he is presented as? Would he need to be so cruel and employ such extensive resources against an completely unsuspecting, middle-aged woman  who caught him doing that, if there were not something really worth hiding?

Read the following articles and pay close attention to the Somatic Form Narcissist. Sidney Crosby has been a celebrity since he was 14 years old. Can a 14 year old, from an otherwise mediocre, middle-class milieu and lifestyle cope with that kind of attention? Any expert will tell you that the odds of him not developing Acquired Situational Narcissism were against him.

What is Acquired Situational Narcissism? It is a form of narcissism that comes out of celebrity obsessed culture. When ordinary people are fed messages that they are extraordinary, special and better than everyone else. There is usually some legitimacy to their adulation in some particular sphere of activity but where it becomes  a sickness and a danger to others is when the individual believes they are better than everyone else in all spheres of activity and that they are entitled to exploit and harm others by virtue of their special status in the world.

It needs to be said that not all celebrities become Acquired Situational Narcissists there is usually a predilection toward narcissism. Most exceptional athletes have an element of somatic narcissism. It is almost required in order to be motivated to excel in the manner that elite athletes do.  The fact that most, if not every athlete, has some elements of somatic narcissism does not make all elite athletes dangerous to the rest of us. It is when that narcissism becomes malignant that the narcissist becomes dangerous. When we say dangerous’ it also needs to be noted that sometimes this danger is in the form of emotional and psychological abuse. The male who will not take no for an answer and will find anyway to obtain what he has decided he will have from a woman, luring a woman with lies of affection and sincere intentions only to mock and summarily dismiss them after they have what they were after.  Not all Somatic Narcissists will go as far as physical rape but they will undoubtedly leave most women they encounter feeling violated. Could some of the women feeling violated by Sidney Crosby been telling their story on the Internet? Is that why the NHL has deployed an army of shills on social media sites that aggressively assert the image of Sidney Crosby they want the world to see? Is this the reason that the NHL or the Pittsburgh Penguins or even Sidney Crosby himself has employed rogue Search Engine Optimization tactics to rid the Internet of, well, something?

What kind of people are Somatic Narcissists? They are people who pride themselves on their physical attributes. Either beauty or physical prowess in sports.

Why does Sidney Crosby keep all his secrets close? Why does he employ such drastic measures to shut down and shut up anyone who might say anything disparaging or derogatory against him? After speaking with many people, who know people, who know other people; it has become apparent that at the very least Sidney Crosby fancies himself a “ladies man” and exploits his celebrity status with women. Why is there not one single post on the Internet by any of these women? By all accounts Sidney Crosby “does not need to leave shy at the door.”

“Narcissist are careful because, even if they do not feel guilty, they want to avoid the shame of discovery.”

Why is the hook file a list of escorts and teenage athletes? According to experts;

“They like showing that they can break moral and sexual taboos.”  The somatic narcissist will try to achieve the higher sexual experience, go that distance further than the rest of us like they do in sports. They also derive narcissistic supply from the challenge of anyone who might say no to them, the virgin.

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