– In sexual assault cases, athletes usually walk

Why might we be concerned with what Sidney Crosby is hiding? Today there are public relations firms that can cover up anything. We saw that nobody, not even his wife, knew the real character of Tiger Woods. We have seen many celebrities walk on various crimes and those were only the ones we got to hear about. Golf is an adult’s sport it lacks the luster, intensity, speed and action that attracts young boys the way that hockey does. The sport that Sidney Crosby not only practices but it can be said is right now the world ambassador for.  What happens if the dam that an expensive public relations firm is holding back finally breaks and the world learns that Sidney Crosby is not the nice healthy boy he has been presented as? Do all the young boys out there suddenly stop admiring him? That would be ideal. The unfortunate truth however is that such a thing will only ultimately serve to validate bad behaviour for millions of young boys who admire Sidney Crosby. This phenomena, the affording of special status and “can ne’er do wrong” impression of celebrities is what has led to so many of them getting off for crimes we all at least suspect they were actually guilty – In sexual assault cases, athletes usually walk.

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