Reebok’s Sidney Crosby Ad: Faked? | The Puck Doctors

It is turning out that everything good about Sidney Crosby is just a fake. It was bad enough that the humble, shy, Canadian boy turned out to be a ruse but his new image has no redeeming quality at all. Not even as a facade.

It was disclosed recently on Talk-Sports that he underwent surgery for rhinoplasty this summer and has engaged an image consultant, hence his new polished and fashionable look. If anyone is paying close attention Sidney Crosby also now has veneers or some kind of plate he puts on his crooked front teeth for pictures. He apparently traded in his modest and mainstream Canadian girlfriend for a string of runway models and television hosts.

Not sure about other people’s taste but if the Publicists are going to sell an image of a hockey player I much preferred the Canadian culture one to the new Hollywood culture one. That plastic stuff is best left for movie stars. I will take my hockey players rural Canadian Wayne Gretzky style, thank you very much.

We were disillusioned over four months ago with just who Sidney Crosby really is. How long will it take for mainstream media to catch on?

The real Sidney Crosby is an arrogant bully who does as he pleases to people and then has a small army of intervenors who keep those who are angry with him and the media at arms length. The  Sidney Crosby people think they know is nothing more than a show put on by the NHL.That show is going more Hollywood everyday. Now wonder his peers roll their eyes up at him. He has become a Prima Dona in every sense of the words.

Reebok’s Crosby Ad: Faked? | The Puck Doctors

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