Is Sidney Crosby gay?

I have had more than a few people suggest to me that quite possibly what so much effort is being made to hide is that Sidney Crosby is a homosexual. There are no end to the number of pages and posts on the Internet claiming that he is a homosexual. I would have thought that the world was past that but my male friends have informed me that I am naive if I believe that a hockey player, particularly one with as much attention on him as Sidney Crosby, could be gay and all would be well. I think that if someone in male team sports with as high a profile as Sidney Crosby was known to be gay it would do wonders for the gay politics but upon reflection it sure would be one hell of a burden to be the face of the NHL and concurrently the ambassador for the gay community. Someone as simple and self-absorbed as Sidney Crosby would never in a million years be up to such a task.

All that said, I don’t think it is possible  that Sidney Crosby is gay and I have a myriad of reasons, none of them political, why I think that way.   The browser hijack files clearly have, as their primary purpose, to disassociate Sidney Crosby and the names of various women in search engines. There are male names there and I do not purport to know the purpose of those but the male names and male “model” service names seem somewhat secondary. He might have bi-sexual predilections borne of boredom, perversity and an overall attitude of  “because I can”  or consistent with his somatic form narcissism he is tri-sexual as in “I try anything” but that is as far as I would go. For all I know the male names are the boyfriends or husbands of some of the women he has been with who also might have a few disparaging words about Sidney Crosby to say on the Internet.

We all saw “Marketa’s” Czech language blog where she discloses to the world that Sidney Crosby uses escorts, sees women as an place to put his “stick” and beat his girlfriend. “Marketa’s” English  rants consistently contain the words “Katie” and “rape”. Could somebody have devised such a convoluted conspiracy to hide that a man is gay by a diversion that he is a low life rogue who rapes and beats women? I might believe that there are individuals who are  actually of the opinion that a rapist and a woman beater is further up the social evolutionary scale than a  homosexual; it takes all kinds to make up the world. I can hardly conceive of someone actually writing out such an outrageous “wag-the-dog” plan on paper as a “good idea” and having other, reasonably mainstream, people agree and sign off on it. That just does not work for me and as much as Sidney Crosby’s shills and black hat SEOs try that stuff is out there and it is not going away.

What of all the obliterated and hijacked pages containing posts of Sidney Crosby dispersions and vitriol from women named “Lara”, “MarMar” and several others who were obviously advocating for “Poor Katie”? How might a gay man have so many women so intensely angry with him? That particular kind of rage is personal and intimate and we all know its source.

Some months ago during the summer a woman went on the Randy Morin Talk-Sports page for Sidney Crosby and told a somewhat cryptic but believable story. She was asking to be directed to the interview Sidney Crosby gave just after the Pittsburgh Penguin’s seventh game loss to Montreal where he is “almost crying and says he needs to heal”. I knew the interview she was referring to as I also thought at the time that it was interesting and significant in some way. It had made some impression on me if even I could not quite put my finger on it. In the interview Sidney is asked “What next?” to which he replied in a  cracking voice “I guess I will go home and heal”. It really needs the context of the doe eyed look on his face to get just how pitiable it was.

I wondered at the time “What does that mean? He hasn’t had an injury in more than 18 months. That is one emotionally intense boy if he is that broken and needs the summer to heal from losing in the Playoffs. Must be a painful life to be as sensitive as him. Maybe something terrible has happened to him.” I remembered distinctly feeling tremendous pity for him at that moment. That was back when I believed him to be the sweet, humble and soft-spoken boy he is sold as. Like so many other things to do with Sidney Crosby on the Internet that clip is nowhere to be found any more.

The woman also said that her personal friend named Kathryn, from Montreal, was Sidney Crosby’s girlfriend for more than two years and that they had recently split in May due to “something really creepy happening where someone died”. Of course several people attacked her and also probed her for more details. She said that it had to do with a “hookup that Sidney Crosby had in 2009 and that there were pictures”. She said that it was a really “creepy and bizarre story that she would not have believed but her friend Kathryn has pictures to prove it”. She implied that she wanted to see the post-game video as some sort of testament that Sidney Crosby actually had some remorse for the whole thing.

What does it mean? I have no idea. I will tell you though that I have been watching that board since the Olympics and that they were among the most convincing posts of insider gossip that I had seen and have seen on that board to this date. It was subsequent to this that the whole browser hijack and hacking happened. Was whoever that did the hacking seeking out the person who had made those disclosures and my friend, having an IP address from Montreal, simply collateral damage?

What does it all have to do with people in the United Kingdom? “Marketa” claims to be from the UK and her bogus business Communicat, although the web page is registered in Scranton Pennsylvania, claims to have its head office in London, UK.  Gabriela Sternova has an address and a business registered in London, UK. The woman who was hacked was provided with a telephone number by her hackers that is a cell phone registered in the UK to a woman named Ruzena Mussavi. The person who answered the telephone knew who she was and why she was calling. She implied some remorse for the hacking and the harassment but provided no useful information except to suggest that the woman send her computer to Acer and see if they might be able to recover her files for her. My friend’s computer is, indeed, an Acer.

If it was the case that the people who work for Sidney Crosby hacked the computer of my friend for no other reason than mistaken identity; How arrogant is it, after deleting her business, attempting to terrorize and extort her, disclosing her most sensitive issues on the Internet in an attempt to persuade her that “Sidney Crosby is entitled to his privacy” and then spreading vicious lies and spoofing her in an attempt to persuade her that “Not everything on the Internet about Sidney Crosby is true either” they simply say “Why don’t you send your computer to Acer and see if they can recover your files for you.” ? Do they think that makes amends for the amount of damage that was done?

Sidney Crosby is something, something that we have all been prevented from knowing, but I am certain it is not gay. I am just as certain that even to the testosterone laden, homophobic, male team sport world it is something that would make him such a social pariah for which being gay would be a saving grace by comparison, even to them.

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