Is Sidney Crosby “entitled to his privacy” as his Internet Bandits and Bullies have claimed in justification?

All manner of laws that govern advertising are being blazingly flouted on the Internet by Black Hat SEOs. Besides Malware, Sidney Crosby’s publicists and the NHL team of “social marketing” are employing Shills, Trolls , Cyber Bullies and Hackers. Most of us now get information from the Internet and read newspapers online. How much of it is true and what of it has been altered by high priced hackers calling themselves “privacy protectors”? The question should have been asked when the details emerged of what kind of person Tiger Woods actually is; Where were all these women hiding all of this time? Trite women who, for the most part, base their lives around their looks, slept with this century’s biggest sports celebrity and never breathed a word of it to anyone until his wife discovered it? That is probably unlikely.Censuring the Internet for deep pockets has been going on for years now. I have little doubt that a publicist and a band of Internet thugs kept his dirty secrets from all of us for that long.

Are celebrities entitled to keep their bad behaviours secret? Should people be handing over their money to a celebrity they believe to be an admirable character when they are not so? Should parents encourage the admiration of particular celebrities when we can no longer depend on who or what exactly they are?  Would it not trouble people to subsequently find out that they have been cheering for and putting money into the pocket of a rapist for years? What about our children who grow up admiring a sports hero who turns out to be a lout or woman abuser when the levy of “Internet Marketers” and publicists finally breaks? Golf is an adult’s game. Sidney Crosby is overwhelmingly marketed to our children.Does the fact that someone admired for so long is a an abuser legitimize abuse in the minds of those who admired them for so long? If tomorrow we learn that Sidney Crosby is a serial woman abuser or something worse; will people continue to flaunt all the #87 gear and paraphernalia they paid good money for? Does he really have some right to be a rogue in private?

Is playing hockey worth $10 million a year? Or does that $10 million come with celebrity status and a responsibility to be a role model? Not a made up persona by high-falutin publicists, target marketing discretionary spenders and walking a tightrope of keeping scandals at bay. “…and now we wait on the scandal that is Sidney Crosby who is known backstage as a drunk and a heavy user of escort services”.  For $10 million dollars and his face everywhere we turn, does his adoring public and paying consumers not have a right to demand that he not be a rogue who behind closed doors and the eyes of the public is not worthy of anyone’s hard earned money but is much less worthy of anyone’s admiration. If it is just about what he does on the ice; then why is he shoved down our throat day in and day out in various marketing campaigns?  He is there when I buy donuts, he is on my bread, he is larger than life at the shopping mall sports store. Always looking so innocent but an innocent person would not need such efforts to hide his secrets.

If Sidney Crosby made all the same mistakes the rest of us make he could live his life in full view of the public and most people would love him all the more for his humanity. Might he be so pathologically narcissistic that whatever such grave efforts were made to hide was a banal event that could happen to any one of us? Will he employ thugs to harass and terrorize and torment a middle aged woman to ensure that the public believe him to be nothing short of perfect? I guess that is possible. Would that not make him as much a loathsome character?
I reiterate, the Sidney Crosby people think they know is just a carefully crafted image by a high priced public relations firm. Otherwise, why might this “nice boy from the Maritimes” requires a 24 hour Internet damage control team. Just how far is that damage control team willing to go to hide his secrets? We already know just how far they will go and it is not pretty. He may have done something dreadful. Do we have the right to know? He may have simply made a mistake, a typical indiscretion of a boy of 22  but he is such an overbearing megalomaniac that he would allow others to torment someone to utter misery before he will allow the world to know he is something less than perfect. My bet is on the something dreadful and only because there were so many people involved the mere fact that they would break the law and harass and bully people to the extent of criminality on the Internet bodes that they are taking such big risks because the information they were and are hiding is far worse than just how far they are willing to go to protect it.

If it were you at the end of a campaign of harassment and torment that lasted almost three months; would you still say that Sidney Crosby is entitled to his privacy at any cost ? Because he and the people who work for him did not do it to you, it was not you who paid the price for whatever it is he did and needed to hide; Does that make it okay? If all who have attacked me and this blog find out some years from now that Sidney Crosby is a prolific pedophile; will you all still say I am wrong and that Sidney Crosby is entitled to his privacy? Will you wear the jerseys you are now paying hundreds of dollars for?  If we never learn what secret they went so far to keep; Does that make it all okay?

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