Sidney Crosby; What should we have expected with a role model like Mario Lemieux?

The amount of controversy that surrounds Mario Lemieux is so voluminous I hardly think I can cover him off in one post. The controversies range from his die hard separtist stance and refusal to play for Canada Junior National Team, while for his own sake and exposure, jumping at the opportunity to play for Canada when it suited his objectives and making no apologies for his lack of patriotism and glaring self-interest motivations; to his influencing the outcome of a rape allegation that to this day most know he lied about. There is much in between such as his hardball tactics in money negotiations and his psychological abuse of his wife with serial betrayals and an arrogance that defied even the extent of his genuine talent

If Sidney Crosby was ever the nice boy he was painted as then we can be certain that Mario Lemieux and his influence is probably the single most definite reason that Sidney Crosby is the behind closed doors, American flag waving, rifle waving, money grubbing, womanizing, abusive, self-entitled, self-absorbed, self-indulging lout that he now is. He has almost become his mentor in all ways with the exception of honest to God raw hockey talent. The only difference being that Mario and his handlers did not have the savoir faire to hide all that he was from the media and of course, the Internet. Mario has obviously learned a thing or two in his life about how to keep the money flowing in, if nothing at all about how to be a real gentleman.

Mario Lemieux has never liked his country of birth. In fact his Quebec Nationalist sentiments run so deep in his veins at an early age and with a grade ten education and no understanding of the actual issues surrounding the Nationalist movement, he openly flouted his disdain for his country and expressed his desire to become American, adopting all American culture over Canadian and wanting nothing more than to be disassociated from Canada. Unlike Sidney Crosby who unwittingly showed his hand in a recent interview when asked if he was faced with the same dilemma of the Russian players, his choice would be for self-interest and money over patriotism, Mario has always and openly been all about Mario.

Sidney Crosby, being as thick as he actually is in spite all the rehearsed jargon and eloquent words spoon fed to him by publicists,  lacked the insight of the subtlety of his own words and admission that Canada now means little to him relative to his American celebrity status and money but it was plain for those of us paying attention. I am sure he would likely  in hind-sight have given a more politically correct answer or at least one that posed no risk to the Canadian dollar flowing his way South of the Border. Mario has always made it abundantly clear from his earliest days that his motivations in hockey were all for self-interest.

I am also just as certain that Mario would have advised Sidney after that particular interview to be more careful to keep his sentiments about such things closer to his chest. Unlike his rifle toting, NRA endorsing video before the Bruins game in November, Mario cannot flick a switch and take that one back for him. Mario now knows in hindsight that the expression of his sentiments toward Canada and the disclosure of his involvement in a brutal rape  for which no one was prosecuted and his overall exposed nature of womanizing when he was younger cost him the sort of adulation that Sidney now garners in his home and native land. Not that Mario would care what Canadians thought or think of him but as the shrewd and ruthless businessman he has now become he knows there was an opportunity cost in the almighty buck for his lack of discretion.

While Mario managed to convince Sidney’s naive parents that an arrangement that allowed him to keep the bulk of Sidney’s money for the first five years of his playing, Mario, at 18 was so cock sure of himself and so focused on money that he refused to put on the Penguins Jersey at draft day until he was guaranteed a million dollar contract. Sidney has now learned to put money first. It has been disclosed to me that Sidney Crosby now has a strict policy that he will make no showing and perform no endorsements for any organization or cause without a minimum fee.

Now everyone knows the story of the poor girl who was raped in Mario’s hotel room while he apparently did and said nothing. Is that what happened? Was Mario even in the room or was a second party being present the only thing that could refute overwhelming physical evidence? According to Mario’s testimony the sex was consensual. How much did he listen in on, if he was in the room, that he could make such a definitive statement? I wonder if he still has the same perspective on the whole thing now that his daughters are approximately the age of the girl who was raped. Who is Katie and does she have as “vivid an imagination” as the girl in Minnesota? The affidavit says that “Mario returned the girl’s beer soaked clothes to her.” Where were the girl’s clothes in relation to her? Had they been so grossly cruel as to put her out of the room when they were done with her without her clothes? How did her clothes get so “beer soaked”? Was that another act of cruelty by a couple of drunk narcissists who were possibly annoyed with her reluctance and attitude during them taking what they wanted?

The other question is; Who did Mario have in the bathroom with him. The affidavit makes clear that more than one girl went to the room with Mario and Dan Quinn. That’s not a question at all really. The real question is why Mario’s wife put up with him. His womanizing is legendary in Montreal. His favorite spot while in his home town for visiting games was known by everyone to be Chez Paris.  I personally know one stripper who has had the company of Mario Lemieux. What are the odds of that? While his philandering is legendary I can tell you that his performance is not. That same stripper made very little of her time with Mario relative to her time with two other professional hockey players one of them being from a farm team. Given his status it was a surprise to me that he was a side mention. Of course I don’t think she was looking for hockey skills.

What of Mario’s medical problems? I happen to know of something else that  causes a disc hernia in someone with good musculature and who exercises regularly. Excessive use of cocaine. Do I know if Mario Lemieux ever made excessive use of cocaine? No I don’t but it is fitting with the overall lifestyle of athletes at that time as was the incident in the hotel and the whole scene at Chez Paris. What of the cancer? As my dear friend said the other day, fate takes payment for all that you do to others and it is usually in proportion to all that you have done.

Yes, it is likely that all that Sidney Crosby has become and is is due to Mario Lemieux’s influence but Mario has learned a few things since his own playing, partying and womanizing days. Mario’s is now so sophisticated and so clearly understands that public loathing or even mere disapproval ultimately translates to lost dollars that he employs high priced Hollywood type publicists and Internet thugs and rogues to hide  what sort of character Sidney Crosby is or has become under his tutelage. Mario is not about to let those Canadian dollars, there for the easy taking, like the girl in the hotel, slip by him a second time.

Mario Lemieux has often stated that he was better than all that came before him. I hardly think he ever played as greatly as the Great One but regardless of his talents in hockey, someone should tell him that at the pearly gates they will care as much for his talent in hockey as that stripper we know in common. He will be measured by something else entirely and on that basis he hardly holds a candle to Wayne Gretzky,  nor likely even the most obscure of hockey talents with the possible exception of his prodigy, Sidney Crosby.

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