Sidney Crosby and his feigned humility.

Did you all see Sidney Crosby’s post game interview last night after the Pittsburgh Penguins loss to New York Islanders? Contrast his demeanor with the post game interview after the loss to Ottawa Senators only days before. While the other night after the Penguin’s loss to Ottawa he appeared almost gleeful, despite a convincing loss for his team, last night he was clearly unhappy. His sullen expression reminded me of a spoiled child who has not had their own way. Actually come to think of it, it reminded me most of the look on his face in Las Vegas when Ovechkin’s name was announced for the MVP award.

While he continued to claim in several interviews over the course of his streak that it was more the media that kept bringing the streak to the forefront and he was only concerned with “practicing good habits and playing as well as he can for his team.” when it came right down to it nobody was paying more attention to Sidney Crosby’s point streak than Sidney Crosby. What is more is that the difference in his demeanor between the two losses lets us know that that for Sidney Crosby it is really all about him. It is far less important to him whether or not his team wins or loses than whether or not Sidney Crosby keeps the spotlight squarely on him.

Sidney Crosby is a master manipulator but then again all pathological narcissists are. He manipulates the level of interest in him by calculated charades, not just of humility but also creating mysteries out of banal issues such as the “Who is Sidney Crosby dating” great mystery.  Although appearing on the surface as reserve and modesty everything that Sidney Crosby does, discloses and refuses to disclose, are attention seeking behaviours.The whole secrecy of who is girlfriend is has multiple sources of narcissistic supply for Sidney Crosby, the first being that the intrigue draws people in but the second is that he binds the people in his closest circle to a loyalty to him by “keeping the secret”. This is a common game of the pathological narcissist and Sidney Crosby plays it better than anyone. It also allows him to commit serial betrayals of whoever that woman might be at any one time leaving his playing field wide open.


Last night the spotlight fell off of him and he was angry. He may have said one thing but his whole demeanor showed something else. What happened last night hurt Sidney Crosby. The only thing that might hurt more than falling from the spot light for a narcissist like Sidney Crosby is in being exposed as a narcissist.

Elsa Ronningstam(2008) defines another form of Narcissism which is identified as a “shy narcissist”, which equates approximately to what James Masterson denotes as a “closet narcissist”. Here a key defining principle is that the narcissist can be very focused on other people, but have difficulty giving other’s feelings the same or any importance when compared to their own.

The closest narcissist is very sensitive to criticism, joking about them, slights from others, and responds with harsh self-criticism(Ronningstam(2008). At the same time they appear humble, unassuming and avoid being the centre of attention, unlike most grandiose narcissists. They internally may be in contact with feelings of shame or guilt about their selfish goals and the unfeeling ways in which they pursue them without regard for others(Ronningstam:2008).

They have deep hidden envy for others which drives their competiveness but also they hide their own achievements and accomplishments, for in their paranoia they fear attracting the envy of others.  Instead of being arrogant, grandiose, or aggressive they are more likely to be overattentive to others, and feign extreme vulnerability. These are deceptive social mask states designed to disarm both victims and competitors alike(Lowen:1986).

They may lie even when the truth is available and it not being a truth that would negatively affect them. Life is a game for them and lies hold up their entire false reality. Narcissists will get their followers and “sidekicks” to lie or deceive for them, thus proving their loyalty, binding them with a secret that the follower does not realise at the time could be used to betray them later if it suits the narcissist’s purpose. Loyalty is not a long term 2 way street. “Sidekicks” eventually get “drop kicked” or betrayed when it suits the narcissist. ( I am sure a few of his ex-team mates can concur this one. I really wonder what Sykora has to say about him now.)

I will tell you how to know when Sidney Crosby is telling a lie; If his mouth is moving there’s your clue.



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