Sidney Crosby the pathological narcissist – “That’s important for me, especially”

Sidney Crosby, the narcissistic Cream Puff of the NHL, has struck once again. In spite of and disaffirming that demure facade  of his he is front and center stage and this time, like  every time before that, it is all about him. With his characteristic and nauseating  pule he has milked a concussion for self-promotion to its vegetative state.

Why this kid is lauded for his speaking abilities I just do not quite understand.  Particularly given the amount of training that has gone into him on that front and the amount of pensive time he takes to say anything while being interviewed, he still manages too put his foot in it. Despite his best efforts every time that boy opens his mouth he gives the world a little more insight into his true nature. At least to those of us who are really paying attention.

The following is an excerpt from his recent spotlight dance on his concussion;

Q. There’s such a strict protocol in all the sports in terms of concussions. Do you feel they’re going to monitor you?

That’s important for me, especially. I don’t want to come back too soon. I know they won’t allow that to happen. It’s a little bit different than a shoulder or different things like that, that you can play through in the course of the season. It’s pretty serious. You want to make sure that you’re completely clear from doing it again.

The true form narcissist that Sidney Crosby is believes that his concussion is somehow more important than that of any other player and that would be the position taken by the NHL. His noggin may be worth more money to the NHL than say that of Boris Valabik or Ryan Callahan but we are not talking money here. We are talking brain injury. Does Sidney Crosby really believe that the NHL would or should take more care to ensure he has no brain injury or permanent damage? My good Lord; How presumptuous is that! Even more scary than that; Is he right?

Are you going to all tell me that I am “reading way too much into this”? It is what it is! Sidney Crosby was asked a question about whether or not he believed the NHL would monitor his concussion in line with the new protocols in that regard and his response was that they would be taking special care to do so since it is him.

What kind of an egoist would say such a thing? What kind of an attitude of self-entitlement does it take for someone to imply that any other healthy young man’s potential for a brain injury might be less important than might be for their own? Incredible! As much utter and intense disdain as I truly have for Sidney Crosby I would not wish him a brain injury anymore than I would wish it on any other. I can only hope, despite what that little loathsome narcissist believes,  that when considering the potential for brain injury the NHL could care less which player it is exactly.

While he is busy impugning his NHL colleagues and their possible true motives in what to everyone else was incidental contact and a minor infraction that was duly punished; While he is busy assuming his characteristic double standard, Prima Donna stance atop the world  of the hoards of less worthy peons he is forced to share the ice with; While he is busy  presuming his well being to be so much more important than that of anyone else; I think that he should give some thought to the idea of what his colleagues might think of him in all of this and  maybe next year at the awards he might not look so dismayed and hurt when they hand that Ted Lindsey off to someone else. Oh and Sidney, I also would not hold my breath for the Lady Byng or Bill Masterton any time in your career either.

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