Sidney Crosby’s donates to children’s hospital


When you make more than $10 million a year, giving away $20k to sick children and having the announcement of it syndicated to more than 365 news outlets is hardly what I call real philanthropy or relative munificence. All those children who received equipment “valued at $40k” have a blazing 87 on all their equipment. He also had to leave a glaring reminder at that lounge that it was paid for by him. To what extent we will never know. For those of you who are being fooled what “valued at” actually means is they took the highest retail value of it to inflate his tax donation receipt but he bought it in bulk if he paid for it at all. Now given the amount of publicity he has received for that donation any good marketer will tell you it was “promotion on the cheap”. Try to get 365 news outlets to advertise you and see what it costs.
As for Sidney Crosby always behaving himself in public, that is also a big fat lie. Even players who have been on his team will tell you that there is a massive publicist machine that includes Internet shills and black hat SEOs and burly, blustering body guards protecting his image. I for one don’t buy that image anymore as I now know differently.
In 3 years he makes two visits to his local children’s hospital and he is a hero? Nice people with a lot fewer resources do a whole lot more for others in a week. For all we know this out of character donation is something ordered by a court on the QT as some restitution. Sidney Crosby hardly makes a habit of doing for others. Lets not blow this out of proportion people. You are doing the advertising for the NHL that Gary Bettman wanted, a Hollywood NHL. Again all this publicity for $20k is cheap.
He paid more money for his nose job, visilign and snap on smile treatments…phewy! Ignoring what he made in his junior years, let’s do the math; Say approximately and conservatively $10 million a year which he chooses to be taxed on in the States although he could file a “Primary Allegiance Election” under the treaty and be taxed in Canada, more specifically give back some of that money that goes into Sports Canada and Heritage Canada grants that allowed a kid whose mother was a waitress and father a janitor to play hockey all those years. So lets say after taxes $8.5 million a year? Okay let’s go with his publicity stunt romantic number and say $8.7 after taxes a year for the last 6 years plus the accrued investment revenue on that and considering his heavy spending on ladies. I guestimate this boy at about $50 million in total net assets and say another $200 million in earning potential. (He is still rather young). Between the hockey equipment and his foundation he has given away about $35k of it all. YOU PEOPLE THINK HIM GENEROUS? I promise you I know people with less than 1/50th of his wealth who give away more in one single year.

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