Sidney Crosby injury update press conference

Poor Bettman, his season premiere of the Sidney Crosby drama got preempted by the Russian Hockey League. Even more sad for little Sidney Crosby who had his moment in the spotlight, after so long out of basking in the warm glow of celebrity, upstaged by a plane crash. Maybe they can try it again next week. Personally I found the doctor’s repeated reference to him as a Ferrari more than just a little bit maudlin. I guess when you are being paid the kind of money they are being paid to treat Crosby you don’t mind deigning to brown nosing a little in a widely syndicated press conference. As an aside, if I was a believer in such things I would swear his symptoms are the result of a voodoo curse. Apparently he could not watch TV so I bet he could not play any of his RPG games like Hundred Years War or surf the net either.

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