“Soft Tissue Injury” and Upcoming Contract Negotiations

This is just a thought but I was wondering if the new diagnosis of Sidney Crosby’s concussion being a “soft tissue neck injury” was manufactured by Brisson to ensure that Crosby maintains his contract value heading into this year.

There are not a lot of GM’s who would be foolish enough to sign anyone who has had to take 18 months off for a concussion. It is for them, after all, a business. Signing a name as big as Crosby under the assumption that he is healthy when what he is in reality is a massive financial liability that does not perform would be a massive economic error. The money men have to make decisions in the best interest of the stakeholders and signing a concussed Crosby is simply a bad decision. Oh, but a “soft tissue neck injury” that is curable with a little massage and physio. Not like a brain injury at all. That said it is nothing more than a business for Pat Brisson also and if lying will go a long way toward his economic imperative then it can be expected. I just wonder where the insurance companies will come down in regard to it all.

If they are lying and Sidney Crosby will be as useful to the stakeholder’s bottom line as a snooze button on a smoke detector will the insurers be subrogated by the insurers of the doctor who made the “soft tissue neck injury” diagnosis?

You have to wonder why he sought so many independent opinions. Was Brisson opinion shopping for what suited them best in contract negotiations? Compounding my suspicion is the fact that Sidney Crosby recently appears to have all of the symptoms for post concussion syndrome. Is that just a coincidence? If he is actually well, then why might he turn down an opportunity to play for Canada at the World’s? He has had such little playing time recently and purportedly the boy loves nothing more in the world than to play hockey.

As we all already know, lying through their teeth is hardly something that is off the table when it comes to Sidney Crosby and his consortium and making mo money, mo money.

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