This site is mostly about Sidney Crosby. This page is not the official site of Sidney Crosby. This is not a Sidney Crosby fan club. Sidney Crosby is a Canadian Hockey player that is also a textbook case of somatic narcissism. This is not a Sidney Crosby puck bunny page and you will not find fun facts about Sidney Crosby or who is Crosbygirlfriend is here.

For months now anyone who has looked up the name Sidney Crosby has found someone named “Marketa Barborikova Linden Windsor” posting on a flurry of web pages, the name Sidney Crosby buried in what appear at first glance to be delusions, word salad and gibberish . The posts are designed to make “Marketa” appear  mentally ill and makes a disdainful and lame attempt to exploit stereotypes about mental illness and schizophrenia. I believe it is the public relations firm of Sidney Crosby and the word salads that say absolutely nothing concrete about him, designed to be dismissed as the rantings of a mad woman, are there to push something out of the web search engines that Sidney Crosby, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the NHL do not want you to know about Sidney Crosby.  Find out what other techniques these rogue and law breaking “Spin Doctors”  are using to determine what it is the rest of us get to see on the Internet; bearing in mind that they have clients whose behaviour behind closed doors have a much greater impact on our lives than the indiscretions and bad behaviour of celebrity athletes like Crosby.

  1. who are you? why and what do you get on making this? so much hate.

    1. I get a small amount of revenge for what his SEO bastards did to me simply because I discovered some posts on the Internet they had overlooked. I read recently that to hold a grudge allows someone to live rent free in your head. That may be true for many people but not for me, I generally find inspiration to make them pay and pay dearly. If it takes me 30 years it takes me 30 years but nobody screws with me and walks away happy to have done it. Not that this page makes him “pay dearly” but it does it’s part to chip away at the selling machine’s BS without being litigious. I do not care what anyone in the world thinks, it works for me.

  2. you are a truly pathetic, vile excuse for a human being. get a life. get a job. get medical attention because you are a sick, sick individual. you spew lies and hate with no evidence to back up anything you write. you hide behind a keyboard and spew garbage because you are a sad and lonely individual. my educated guess regarding your motives in this endeavor and in life is envy for a person who walks the walk and talks the talk. go back to the rock you crawled out from and stay there. or at the very least, identify yourself and cite your sources. better yet, i’ll play along. i say you are the psycho supposed ex-girlfriend who posted all those “facts about sidney crosby and his dirty little secrets”. since i wrote it, it has to be true according to your 1st grade logic. people like you are what is wrong with the internet and sports in general. you hate because you can. you hate because you don’t have the fortitude and courage and skill to succeed. so you spread lies and you begin to believe those lies. the only narcissist is you.

    1. Well that is some great speculation. You are dead wrong on all accounts; my identity, my motives, my sources and my mental health. You might like to go back and read rather than spew your blind and ambitious diatribe. My motives and my sources are clearly outlined in the posts. I am not the source of the worst things said about Sidney Crosby I just believe every word of it and with good reason. I am certainly not Sidney Crosby’s ex-girlfriend. The person who did provide the worst of what he is really like though, had all of his addresses and I confirmed that they are, indeed, properties owned by him, directly or indirectly. Whoever it is definitely has the inside scoop on him.

      Unless you are referring to the the women (yes plural) who provided the information about him on the Internet that appears on this page and which was ever so quickly swept under the SEO rug, you must be making reference to other persons he and his posse of thugs have pissed off. You are a child and want to believe what is fed to you by the media. Since Sidney Crosby is a celebrity and can play hockey he must be that perfect person that they tell you he is. As for my mental health; sanity is overrated and ask me if I care what you think. This page has assuaged the rage and it is not going away anytime soon.

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