• Sidney Crosby (29) Is Sidney Crosby who you think he is? If  Sidney Crosby is the nice person he is presented as by his publicist and Internet shills ;then why does he need a 24 hour media monitoring and Internet damage control team?
  • Sidney Crosby Birthdate (6) Court document says that Sidney Crosby’s date of birth is the 1st of August and not the 7th. Is this one little lie amongst many to make Sidney Crosby and all that Sidney Crosby is, appear more interesting?
  • Talk-Sports (3)Who is Randy Morin? Why does he have so many enemies on the Internet? Is his talk-sports web site an extortion scam?
  • Gabriela Stern (4) Who is she? What is her relationship to Sidney Crosby?
  • Marketa Linden (10) A bizarre character who runs around the Internet posting word salads about various celebrities. She claims in her       Czech blog to be a publicists and have a direct line on dirt on Sidney Crosby.
  • Professional Athletes (9) Do they have a propensity to violence and rape? Research says they do although in most cases they walk on criminal charges.
  • Public Relations (21) Are publicists out of control? How far away from the real character of a celebrity is the one you are sold by these spin doctors? How far will they go to protect the fake persona they have developed for celebrities? This site uses Sidney Crosby of the prime example of what is wrong with celebrity obsessed American culture and allowing children to admire celebrities we really know nothing about. Celebrities like Sidney Crosby who employ high priced publicists and media monitoring services to control what we learn about his bad bahaviour. Why do I say “bad behaviour” because if Sidney Crosby was a nice person he logically would not need to employ such measures.

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